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9th Annual Summer Invite - Results

Posted by wendell green on May 31, 2019 at 1:40 PM

Congratulations to the Champions & Runner ups of our 9th Annual Summer Invite!

17u Reach - Champs

Mi Playmakers - Runner Up

16u Mi Warriors- Champs

Lansing Prospectors - Runnner Up

15u Mi Playmakers - Champs

Reach - Runner Up

8th Grade Mi Warriors - Champs

Mi Playmakers - Runner Up

7th Grade Michigan Militia - Champs

Mi Playmakers - Runner Up

6th Grade Bates Fundamentals (Lansing) - Champs

Grand Rapids Storm - Runner Up

5th Bates Fundamentals (Lansing) - Champs

Mi Playmakers - Runner Up

4th Grade Muskegon Heat - Champs

C2K Elite - Runner Up

Categories: Tournaments

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